Mpow 035 Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs


Mpow noise reduction ear muffs are designed to reduce noise and prevent hearing damage, rather than isolating sound, because there is no earmuff can achieve the effect of sound insulation, and sound insulation is far more harmful than noise, because people cannot predict the danger in that situation.

You’re sure to know someone who loves festival activities, who loves handmaking, who loves sports events, or someone who likes to jet off a lot a year. Mpow earmuffs aid concentration, help have a better rest on long-haul flight and protest hearing from loud noises.

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Soft Ear Cushion

Mpow hearing protection ear muffs fits comfortably around ears and block harmful noise. Kindly note: It may be a little tight when you wear it for the first time, the tight seal is for better noise reduction effect.

Ergonomic and Padded Headband

Ergonomically designed head strap provides extra padding for maximum comfort, stays put and rests on your head, minimizes pressure over your head. This will be your next noise-cancelling safety earmuffs.

Adjustable Design

Sliding the steel wire part between the bracket that holds the ear muff and the headband, you can adjust the height to fit your head size. Preferred protective earmuffs for blocking out more noise and focusing on what you like.

360° Rotatable Ear Cups

The ear cups are flexible and can be freely rotated to fit snugly around your ears, you can adjust it to suit your face shape and find the perfect fit, more comfortable to wear and convenient to store when not in use.