Taousa Silicone Pot Holder (3 pairs)


These Silicone Mini Mitt will Protect you from burns and injury.  They are made of heat resistant silicone and are perfect for handling hot plates and pans.

8 needed

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  • Silicone
  • Includes 3 pairs of Silicone Oven Mini Mitts. Easy to use, store and clean. No-Slip, No-Stick. Colors (not restricted to the colors shown in the pictures) are selected randomly.
  • Protect your hands from extreme heat up to 428 F. Made from food grade silicone material. Each Mini Mitt 9.8cm/3.86in wide and 8.5cm/3.35in high. If you have any problems when using the mitt, please contact us for further assistance.
  • Put the thumb into the short side and the other four into the opposite side. The outer sides of the mitt may be a little thin. When using the oven mitts to take out cookie sheets, putting two mitts on one hand is recommended.
  • The mini oven mitt is designed to protect the fingers from the heat, 428 F highest. It is not as big as a glove and just can cover the fingers. The heaters inside the oven, where the temperature could be higher than 428 F, is beyond the limit of the highest temperature of the mitt. Please use the oven mitts carefully and do not touch the heater by accident, otherwise the finger may be hurt.
  • The mitt is only an assistance tool to remove tray, it is not safe to hold the heated tray for a long time. Do not use the mitt in fire. The two wrong usage may cause some change of the mitt and damage its heat resistance. You may get hurt after long time holding or in the next use.